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Wednesday April 16th 2014




LVIT is dedicated to quality service. We provide Las Vegas computer repair, upgrades, virus removal, maintenance, networks, sales and service.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, LVIT gives you a team of IT professionals offering a broad range of computer-related services to an even broader range of clients from Casinos to the small offices environment, we also make house calls, on site computer repair is what we specialize in. If you find yourself in need of technology HELP we will find a way to serve your needs. With over 20 years of computer software & hardware experience, we can help you solve all your computer problems. One call will save you hours of worrying about your Las Vegas computer repair.

 Let us do all your computer maintenance service and see how well your computers perform throughout the years!

 This is accomplished by delivering the highest quality computers, computer equipment and technical expertise at the most competitive prices to the end user. Our job is to make sure you make the right choice when it comes to your computer investments.

 What you can expect: Expert on-site computer maintenance and support for LV, NV. We officer computer network installation and support, network security, computer programming, technical support, internet solutions, computer hardware maintenance, cabling and more. Complete on-site PC repair, virus removal and system tune-ups, repairs, upgrades and advanced planning for your growth. Serving Clark County since 2002, LVIT is dedicated to serving all your IT needs. Windows 7 Upgrades. We can move you into the future if your computer can handle it.

Now we feature a full line of web hosting and web designs. With a Microsoft certified database developer, we can add depth to your webpage. Check out the site at WWW.LVIThosting.COM

One of biggest issues we have been dealing with lately is the study of Viruses. When it come to removing computer viruses we spend a lot of time working on the removal and studying how to remove the problem without formatting the hard drive, we provide on site yes, that’s on-site virus removal, without formatting your hard drive. There are a bunch of places that will just format your hard drive and start over. If you do a format, and you don’t have all the program discs needed to install every program you had on the pc will lose that program. At LVIT, we work hard to save your information. In about 5% of the cases, formatting is the only option. When it comes to virus removal, we charge a flat fee, one hour of labor. Sometimes it takes 2 hours to get the virus off, and one night I spent all night getting it off, but when that happens we learn more about the problem and we are better able to help the next customer.

On the topic of Viruses, you need to have some kind of protection. If you have an out dated anti-virus, the change that you have a virus on your PC right now is very good. Stop by our Tech Links page, and download Microsoft Security Essentials. Get protected. Some viruses can steal personal information, so it might be beneficial to get protection from companies like LifeLock, where they can secure your personal identity.

 LVIT is helping the environment. Read our Go Green E-Recycling your computer in Las Vegas for locations and tips to recycle your equipment.

Computer repair Las Vegas is a vast market of people with a wide range of skills. The truth is it’s the people and the amount of time they have spent on the job is what makes up the skills behind an IT company. LVIT was founded after spending 15 years in casinos. Now in a casino, you have ever problem faced by a home user magnified by 20. With 20 years of doing computer repair Las Vegas, you have someone who knows how to handle your problems, and in a casino environment you have to do it fast so we provide, fast, reliable computer repair service.

We also spend time doing virus removal without making you loose your data. Yes, I know the above paragraph will not pass an English class but it will be read by search engines. We need to get the words virus removal, virus removal, computer repair Las Vegas, Las Vegas computer repair and Las Vegas computer repair service into the body of the page, so thanks for pass this section and read on to the Testimonials Below. antivirus, computer repair services, network, wireless setup, wireless install, wireless security.

Windows 7 Upgrades are here. We will move you from your hated Vista to Windows 7 in no time. If you are upgrading your Computer from Windows XP, to Windows 7 you need to know that you have to have reinstall all software, office, printers etc. And upgrade from XP to 7 can take up to 2 Hours.

Computer Repair Las Vegas, we serve your computer repair needs. We have mastered Virus Removal Las Vegas we are sure to save your data. No Fear of losing what you spent years saving, computer repair Las Vegas is the virus removal experts in Las Vegas. We also remove spyware Las Vegas, Las Vegas Spyware Removal. Malware removal Las Vegas and Las Vegas malware removal. When you PC is Hi-Jacked by spyware, malware or viruses we save your pc for a flat rate.